Introduction–The IST Difference

Integrated Shredder Technology is a full-service supplier to the automobile industry. Our right-sized staff has over 100 years of combined sales, engineering, and installation experience. IST offers a full range of shredder castings and wear parts as well as after -market components.

We pride ourselves on a streamlined quotation process, quick response time, and custom solutions to meet your shredding needs.

Our projects range from complete shredding systems as well as ferrous and non -ferrous downstream solutions.

IST Process

IST design process from conception to installation

Site Visit

IST professionals will make a site visit to discuss and determine your metal recovery goals. We will review any existing equipment and processes, offering options on how to improve or incorporate into a new system. Unlike other vendors, IST does not have a “canned”, one-solution fits all approach to system design.

Material Analysis

Initial material analysis will be done upon a site visit, with additional sampling and testing procedures available upon request. We use several methods to assay metal content with the results presented in a detailed report. This analysis plays a key part in designing an initial solution.

Proposed Solution

Based on the site visit, material analysis and customer goals, IST will propose a layout and solution inline with your budget and time constraints. If a retrofit project, we will attempt to work with and utilize existing equipment to reduce your investment expense.


IST utilizes world-class fabrication facilities to produce long-lasting, durable equipment that holds up in a demanding environment. Our designs and fabrication are meant for ease of on-site installation and components are assembled as much as possible for shipment.


IST Installation personnel are highly experienced and well respected in the industry. We work closely with your team/contractor to ensure a smooth process from the planning phase to start-up.